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Deutsche Airlines – Insolvente Air Berlin is to rise quickly in Lufthansa News

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 | Economy

The German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt spoke unusually clearly for a national solution in the "Rheinische Post": "We need a German champion in international aviation," said the CSU politician on Thursday. "It is therefore imperative that Lufthansa be able to take over significant parts of Air Berlin." Regional monopolies are unlikely to play any role here. Two news said Reuters told Lufthansa to take over 90 of the 140 machines, including the daughter Niki. According to a report from the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" the busting could go on the stage next week.
The German government is also putting pressure on results: "All stakeholders are now called upon to negotiate swiftly, but conscientiously," said Matthias Machnig, State Secretary of the Reuters news agency. The government's 150 million-euro bridging loan provided Air Berlin with the necessary air to be taken over in dry cloths. Machnig assumes that the credit – which is considered to be state aid – and the sale of Air Berlin would be given the consent of the competition authorities at the EU Commission. The larger the parts in which the second largest German carrier is smashed, the greater the chance that Brussels will be declared responsible and the decision will not be left to the German cartel office.
According to the "Süddeutscher Zeitung", the lion's share of the Lufthansa will go to Lufthansa. Carsten Spohr, CEO, "ideally takes over 90 Air Berlin aircrafts and continues to operate under the Eurowings brand." They also included the 38 aircraft that they already rented together with the crews of Air Berlin. "These are ideas with which Lufthansa goes into the talks," confirmed an insider. The negotiations with the Air Berlin board and with administrator Lucas Flöther are to start at the weekend. "If everything goes smoothly, Air Berlin could be dismantled in September and not just in November," the newspaper reported.
Fluege.de: Many customers turn to other lines
Time is pressing because bookings threaten to break in the face of insolvency. The online booking portal fluege.de has temporarily stopped the sale of Air Berlin flights, but wants to resume it on Friday at the latest. "However, we assume that customers will prefer the offers of the competition due to the insolvency for comprehensible reasons," said a spokesman. According to an insider, the Lufthansa Executive Board had refused to accept guarantees for all bookings made by Air Berlin.
Lufthansa also wants to swallow the Austrian daughter Niki with 20 aircraft, as the insiders said. However, the British Easyjet is also being called for interest in Niki, according to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". The start and landing times of Niki at the Düsseldorf airport are particularly attractive. Air Berlin occupies a third of the slots. "It is particularly important because the slots are very limited for environmental reasons and because it offers more lucrative business for Lufthansa," said aviation consultant John Strickland. In Germany, Lufthansa handles 68 per cent of domestic flights, Air Berlin is 27 per cent.
Verdi puts the government at work
Air Berlin chief Thomas Winkelmann told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" that he negotiated next to Lufthansa with two other stock-listed rivals over a takeover of parts of Air Berlin itself and the Austrian subsidiary Niki. They are "financially serious, of a size sufficient to offer Air Berlin a secure future, and would also have the interest to continue to operate from Germany." However, all 7200 jobs in Germany can not be saved.
The Verdi trade union is concerned about the 1000 employees in the administration and 850 in the technology. The government should put pressure on the negotiating partners. The potential buyers should "take over employees of Air Berlin on fair terms," ​​demanded Executive Board member Christine Behle, who also sits on Lufthansa's Board of Directors.
For sale are mainly start and land (Slots). At the end of 2016, they had 80 million euros in Air Berlin's balance sheet. The proceeds from the proceeds will be used to repay the credit of the state bank KfW. Air Berlin has only leased its aircraft fleet. "We are very confident that with the sale of business units and the associated start and land revenues, we will achieve revenues in excess of the grant," Winkelmann said.


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