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Detroit Become Human Played: Rebellion of the Androids

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Gadgets

We can decide at the kick-off date of Detroit Become Human: Do we find that just released androids have the right to avenge themselves at humans? If so, we can push a revolution by pushing a button and put whole streets of the city in rubble. If we decide for the peaceful way, we hopefully create the basis for a joint future of machinery and its creators.

At the Gamescom 2017 developers of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit) have introduced a longer section. Then we could play a slightly shorter sequence. We got to know two of the three main characters: Here is the Android Markus, who for reasons unknown to us has superhuman feelings and wants to live his own life.
Markus has the ability to help other androids feel and make free choices. This happens by touching her with a hand for a few moments. These scenes are very emotional and staged with a strong religious component – Mark acts as a divine messenger who breathes a soul into the robots.
Nevertheless, he has abilities that have only one electron brain. For example, it can calculate the flight path of a safety draft within a fraction of seconds. The time in the game is still, and the player can quietly try out a few possibilities, such as turning off the aircraft. Playful, like the Quantic Dream titles, is not a real challenge, but it's a great show and stimulates you to think and share your thoughts.

Even we could play a sequence with the second main character Connor. He is also an android, but he operates within his parameters. And they have commissioned him to keep "Androids" from the plot of misdeeds.
With Connor we visit an apartment in which such a machine man has just taken a hostage. Through the relatives and the police, the really sympathetic Connor experiences deepest refusal. Nevertheless, he does his job by analyzing traces on our behalf and quickly finding out what happened. He might be able to prevent worse.
From a purely playful point of view, the section with Connor is not a real challenge – nevertheless we were moved in the end. Quantic Dream has managed to bring the whole thing very emotionally across the screen. We do not want to tell too much about the action, the developers assure us that the decisions of the player have a strong impact on the progress. Apparently, all three playable main characters can even die – which then happens, but we do not know.

Detroit Become Human plays with quite a few elements. In addition to the religious motive, there is also the question of the liberation of slaves. In addition, there is the question of the question whether human beings can be replaced by artificial intelligence. In 2038, where Detroit plays, this is so: the unemployment rate is 40 percent, correspondingly bad people are talking about machines.
Detroit appears only for the Playstation 4, a release date does not call Sony yet. It can be seen under the hand that the title might be released in the summer of 2018.


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