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Destiny 2 in Test: Dominus and the Schickimicki-Keeper

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Gadgets

Such a visitor does not really want to be: comes without advance notice, says no friendly word, but encapsulates itself in a sphere above the earth's surface. It is the traveler, the most mysterious figure in the world of Destiny. In Destiny 2, the mysterious being – which it probably means well with humanity – provides for problems again. A huge armada of extraterrestrial ships is attacking him and our planet.

The leader of the aliens is a grim guy named Dominus Ghaul, who looks with cape and mask like the even more evil brother of Darth Vader. The guardians stand against this monster – so we. We are one of these super-equipped warriors, correspondingly legendary is our reputation in the star system. This leads in the campaign seldom even to subtly humorous moments. For example, if we can hear from a side figure that our heroic deeds were "not so bad for a Schickimicki guardian".
Before launching the campaign, we'll select the class we're playing in Destiny 2. You can choose from the Titan, which can switch off many standard enemies in close combat with a fist blow, as well as the Magic-specialized Warlock and the Hunter who is aimed at distance attacks. However, all three can use any weapon and armor, and all three have skills that can be gradually expanded in the talent tree and enriched with specializations.

    The "fallen extractor" is a very strong opponent. (Screenshot: Golem.de / Image: Activision)

The main campaign, which is twelve hours long depending on the type of game, scares us through the solar system. At the beginning we are in the so-called "European death zone". These are middle-European-looking forests and ruins – a half rotten highway sign even reveals that we are on the Swiss mountain Zervreilahorn. Later on, we get to other heavenly bodies like the Saturn Moon Titan, on whose surface an ocean spills. We have to jump over huge platforms to do our job.

While we are always surrounded by other players in the new social hub of the farm (replacement for the tower) and in some similar areas, we fight in the campaign alone. The inserts are partly quite long and almost always linear. Above all, they are full of surprises, as the developers of Bungie like to use. Say: We are entering an empty tunnel system – and at the moment we can be sure that we will be attacking enemies sooner or later. Just ask what for what …?
In Destiny 2, we often deal with larger enemy clashes. This makes the battles difficult, but also exciting. We must actively look for cover in order to evade the most powerful commanders and to take care of the infantry with a fully regenerated health care base, to collect ammunition, or to bridge the cooldown of our shells or superpowers.


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