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Despite some light problems: Force Indias World Cup by?

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Sports

17. September 2017 – 7:00 pm

Did Sergio Perez miss a trophy in Singapore?

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(cafetheology.org) – Force India is leaving Singapore with eleven points. Ten of them have Sergio Perez with his fifth place. The Mexican, whose contract was extended by one year on Sunday, would have liked to be on the podium in the chaos race at night. At the end of the match, Carlos Sainz scored two and a half seconds behind Toro Rosso. Esteban Ocon had a rainy birthday, where he could not get more than 10th place. With only six races in the Fromel-1 season 2017 the team can be satisfied with the result. With a total of 124 points, they are the fourth best team in the design evaluation. On Williams, as the next team, they already have a lead of 65 points. "We have to do something completely and create something special to fill this gap in six races," says deputy team manager Robert Fernley. "But everything is possible." "It was just difficult to keep the car on track," Perez says about a Grand Prix, which has already started from the very beginning. The whole startup position benefited from the start crash between Vettel, Verstappen and Räikkönen – Force India also from the accident Fernando Alonsos. Perez had already been swept forward from the starting grid twelve, so Perez believed in the podium. Because Perez was one of the few who had started on full rain tires. "The second safety car came at the wrong time," he explains. "The people on the Intermediates tire have stayed outside and we have already lost two places, which we could not bring back." Otherwise, he would have had a podium finish, because Nico Hükenberg's failure also helped him. He crossed the finish line 16.5 seconds behind Valtteri Bottas. That was the first rain race in Singapore, Ocon actually had been happy. He had hoped that his weak weekend could turn around. He was only 14th on the grid, and the Frenchman, who celebrated his 21st birthday on Sunday, complains: "Even in the rain, we had problems, but that was not the case at Monza, so we had to investigate what was going on in Malaysia "" He could have gone a little bit more and we could have done the strategy a bit better, "Fernley blames a little. Director of Operations Ottmar Szafnauer also notes, "This is his 46th or 47th Formula race in a row that he could finish, and you have to see it." Team takes Ocon in protectionOon was started on rain tires. He even sets a stop more than Perez, in order to finally be able to attack again with fresh ultrasofts. Between him, Romain Grosjeans Haas in front of him, and Felipe Massas Williams behind him, remained tight and exciting until the end. "If you were thinking where we started, eleven points are a good result for us," said Fernley. Overall, Force India was also lucky. The fact that the race started free and not behind the safety car is unusual for the modern Formula 1 and has finally led to the start crash. "For me, it was all right, I made places well," says Ocon. "The fans want to see a show. Of course we do not want a crash, but I do not blame the race." "It was just right, too," Ferrari fans are sad, but at the same time, a few Mercedes fans are very happy, and it could have happened differently. "For Force India, it's a good start. And in Malaysia, things should get better. For the remainder of the season there are still 258 points for a team – if you count the top 6 places for the top teams, the rest of the field is only 60. Under normal circumstances, Force India does not have to tremble.


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