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Dental Implants – Price-Saving Investors: Straumann Turns Back | News

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Economy

It was concluded that the offered price does not reflect the inherent value of existing and newly acquired business, Straumann writes in the announcement of Friday. Specifically, investors would have demanded a discount of more than 2% at the closing price on Thursday. The Straumann titles increased by more than 11% to 609.50 CHF on Thursday after well-recorded half-year figures and the entry into orthodontic orthopedics.
According to Straumann, in the justification for the withdrawal, the bids issued by the requested institutional investors had not reflected this positive sentiment on the figures and the growth strategy.
On Thursday, Straumann announced that it would offer 400'000 treasury shares for sale, equivalent to approximately 2.6% of all outstanding shares. At the closing price of Thursday, the company would have received more than 240 million. With the funds Straumann wanted to finance the acquisitions announced on Thursday in the areas of orthodontics (ClearCorrect) and digital dental medicine (DentalWings, RapidShape).
A number of options were now being examined for the financing of the takeovers and the use of treasury shares, a Straumann spokesman said at the request of AWP, without specifying the options.
The share of Straumann loses 4% on Friday in early trading bsi.


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