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Dell Visor: Dell's VR headset works without basic units

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Dell's product for the virtual reality market is called Dell Visor and has already been presented at the Computex 2017 in Taipei. The headset is available from October 2017. The Visor has been developed in cooperation with Microsoft, which is responsible for the mixed-reality glasses Hololens. Dell's product, however, is pure VR glasses, competing with headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. A similar device is synonymous but the HTC Vive Standalone.

    Dell Visor (Picture: Dell)

The Visor uses integrated cameras with a 360-degree view that calculates the position of the user in the room. It is therefore not necessary to establish external position markers, as is the case, for example, with HTC's Vive. The visor of the headset can be folded up without having to drop it from the head. Dell states that it can be adjusted by means of a screw mechanism and is comfortably upholstered by the padding.
Matching controllers in the style of HTCs Vive
Although no satellite receivers are set up, the headset still requires cables that lead to the host computer. The cables are led away from the back and hang down at the user's back. There will also be suitable controllers for the headset, which, like competing products, have sensors for 3D space and have analogue buttons and analogue sticks. The headset detects the movements and the orientation of the controllers and converts them into information for VR software.

The Dell Visor will be available from October 2017 onwards. Dell offers a non-committal price of 350 US dollars for the headset. This makes it much cheaper than a HTC Vive for about 700 US dollars. The controllers cost an additional 100 US dollars. Both products in the set cost 450 USD according to Dell.
Supplement of 29 August 2017, 11:28 hrs
In a German-language press release from Dell, the company also announces German Europreise. The headset will cost 345 euros. The controllers are indicated with 100 euros. Dell also speaks of a release period "in the coming months". Maybe the headset could appear a bit later than October 2017.


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