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Dell: Rugged tablet works in the desert and in Siberia

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

Dell is launching the Rugged Xtreme Tablet. It is a device designed for outdoor applications and bad weather conditions. The 11.6 inch touchscreen is also operated with thick gloves and has multi-tasking functionality.

Dell has tested the device from a height of 91 centimeters, without being damaged, according to its own data. The small 2-cell battery with a capacity of 34 watt hours can be swapped while the device is running. Two identical batteries have already been installed. Additional energy storage units can be bought as an option.
Exceeds the winter and the desert, but not Mars
Dell certified the tablet according to the military standard MIL-STD-810. It is resistant to electromagnetic interference, sand storms, dust and strong jet water and thus designed to the standard IP-65. It can run at -29 to 63 degrees Celsius. This can lead to cold situations such as the average Siberian winter or the dusty and hot environment in the Sahara desert. On the planet Mars, for example, which is about -55 degrees cold on average, however, this device is understandably not designed.
In the basic configuration, Dell installed an Intel Core i3-7100U processor with 8 GB of DDR3 memory in the device. In addition, a 128-GB SSD is plugged into the M.2 interface in the Tablet PC. Dell specifies sequential write rates of 600 Mbyte per second and 800 Mbytes of sequential read-only data.

The tablet has a USB Type A and a USB Type C port with USB 3.0 speed. A smartcard reader, a fingerprint sensor and even an RS-232 interface, which is used today for many industrial machines, are available as an option.

    The docking station and the tipping stand are optional. (Picture: Dell)

Both the operating system Windows 10 and Windows 7 are offered for the tablet. Dell also sells various accessories specifically for this device. These include a push-button, a dock and a tilt stand.
Special products like this are usually expensive to purchase. This is also not the case with the Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet. In the basic equipment and with two accumulators it costs with current discount of 35 per cent scarcely 2,000 euro. Including VAT are about 2,400 euros. The tablet can be configured and ordered at the Dell Onlineshop.


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