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Delivery Hero: Fastfood-Bringdienste complicate deletion of the customer account

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Gadgets

Users complain that the Delivery Hero companies Lieferheld, Foodora and Pizza.de as well as others can not delete their customer account, or that a proof of identity must be sent for this. This is the news magazine of the Spiegel, citing the Berlin commissioner for data protection. According to this, there has been "an accumulation of complaints against delivery services" since the middle of 2015.

Eight cases were closed without sanctions after the providers had cooperated; The others are still being processed.
In a conference of 17 German data protection authorities, the Düsseldorf district, the delivery services were also discussed. The Berlin Data Protection Supervisor proposed a nationwide "coordinated audit activity for food delivery services" in order to "raise awareness" of data protection law concerns.
In the case of six open complaints, it is a clear number of complaints, said company spokesman Bodo von Braunmühl at the request of Golem.de: "I can already say that we have already since May on a transmission of the identity proof to delete customer accounts. " The previous regulation was probably responsible for the majority of complaints.
Delivery Hero is a global company
Delivery Hero bought the competition Pizza.de in August 2014. According to a media report, the purchase price was at 290 million euros. According to media reports, the two companies together have a market share of 75 percent in Germany. The Berlin public prosecutor's office had issued a penalty order against seven top managers of the delivery hero. This involved the allegation of the "jointly committed (…) commercial unauthorized exploitation of a database" by Pizza.de.

Delivery Hero succeeded this year the Börsengang. The Essen delivery service was valued at EUR 4.39 billion. One of the major shareholders is Rocket Internet, which owns 25.7 percent of the Startup based in Berlin, founded in 2011. Delivery Hero entered the market with approximately 1 billion euros.
Another major investor is the South African technology investor Naspers, who owned 10.9 per cent during the IPO. Naspers wanted to expand his participation.


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