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Defendant Hussein K. says from

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | World News

The prosecuted Hussein K. breaks his monthly silence about the sexual murder of a 19-year-old student in Freiburg, talks about the act and to his person. It is also clear: the suspect accused of murder has made false statements. The public is to be excluded from some statements of the accused.

  On the first day of the trial on Tuesday in the Freiburg district court, the audience would have to leave the hall, as soon as the accused made statements about his sexual biography, said the presiding judge. Further information on the person of the defendant would be publicly discussed. Questions about another act of violence against a young woman in Greece before his flight to Germany were not allowed.

The defendant Hussein K. is brought to the court by a lawyer at the beginning of the process in the regional court. (Source: Patrick Seeger / dpa)

Hussein K. had been silent for about ten months. On Tuesday morning, the young man seemed tired and indifferent in court. He had taken a sedative tablet before the start of the process, said his defender. Nevertheless, he wanted to address the questions of the court.

Victim "brutally raped"
The prosecutor described the proceedings of Hussein K: According to the accusation, the man was waiting for the victim shortly before three o'clock at night – the student was on his way home from a party. Hussein K. tore the 19-year-old from the wheel, she was bitten three times in head and chest and her clothes pulled out.

 Then he brutally raped her. Subsequently, the accused should have taken the unconscious woman in the river Dreisam – according to prosecutor Hussein K. wanted to let the student drown. In addition, the water should linger on her body. A jogger found the dead student in the morning.

Hussein K. (red head), who was accused of murder, was sitting in the courtroom in the courtroom before journalists. (Source: Patrick Seeger / dpa)

In the case, many questions are open, such as the identity and the birthplace of the defendant. He has no papers. According to the court, he is said to have been born in Iran. So far it was said that he came from Afghanistan.

The defendant lied in old age
Another uncertainty: the age of the defendant. Hussein K. commented on the first day of the event. He said he had already been 18 when he arrived in Germany in 2015 – and not, as he said, 16 years old. He wanted to go to school, explained: "If you are a minor, the situation in Germany is better."

So far, Hussein K. had said he was now 19 years old. The prosecutor considers him to be at least 22. Two age reports are to underpin this in the course of the trial.

Because of doubt about his age, the trial is being held in front of the court of justice. Age is a central issue in Hussein K.'s case. It raises the question of whether a youth or adult is sentenced to a criminal offense. In the case of a conviction, the sentencing can also be judged according to the evaluation according to adult criminal law.

For violence against a woman's criminal record
On Tuesday, Hussein K. told the court about his life: he was born and raised in Afghanistan, after 13 years in Iran. After "problems with the police" he had escaped to Turkey, from there to Greece and then to Germany. In Greece, he had nothing to eat, of garbage, and lived temporarily without shelter.

In the vicinity of the crime scene on the River Dreisam in Freiburg, a paper heart with the inscription "Dear Maria, we will never forget you" hangs on a tree. (Source: dpa)

According to information from the German authorities Hussein K. came to Germany without papers in November 2015. What the authorities did not know at the time was that he had been sentenced to ten years in prison in Greece because of an act of violence against a young woman on the Greek island of Corfu. In October 2015 he was released prematurely. Hussein K. emerged and came to Germany as a refugee.

The murder of Maria L. in October 2016 had caused nationwide wide attention and a heated discussion about foreign offenders. Also on the day of the event the public interest was great: two hours before the start of the trial the audience was queuing up. The process began on Tuesday under increased security precautions.

Demos in front of the court building
Within sight of the court building, the police demonstrated that around 10 supporters from the "alternative for Germany" area had banners ("protect borders – save lives"). The demonstration at the Augustinerplatz was announced.

The police reported about 50 members of the left spectrum to a counter-event organized on the Internet. Both groups had called for slogans, the police had not had to intervene. The demonstrations had been terminated around 10.30 am.

The public's interest was great on the first day of the process. (Source: Patrick Seeger / dpa)

16 trials have been scheduled for the trial before the Chamber of Youth of the Court of First Instance. The judgment could be heard in December. According to the plans, 45 witnesses and ten experts are to be heard.


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