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DeepL im Hands on: New tool translates much better than Google and Microsoft

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Better than Google and Microsoft – the German company DeepL is committed to translation services. DeepL uses a novel architecture of neural networks and uses a supercomputer with 5.1 petaflops. The same company is the name of the service, which has already made a name for translations of individual words or groups of words. Texts translated by humans are used for translations in order to provide better results.

Astrine translation
A further step is the company with the new service DeepL, which Golem.de could try before the start. English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and German are supported. Translations are possible in all directions. If necessary, the system recognizes the language itself, eliminating the need to select the source language – similar to the services provided by Google and Microsoft.
The goal of DeepL is correct translations, which users do not point to from a computer. We have tried the service with English and French texts from different areas. In all cases the translations have been very fluid; The texts were only in a few places that a computer had the translation work done.
Nothing to laugh with DeepL
Even if the translations from English are already quite good with Google and Microsoft, they are even surpassed by DeepL. We translated a message from a French daily newspaper – the DeepL result was flawless. With the results of Google and Microsoft, we had trouble capturing the content – some sentences did not make sense and caused unwanted laughter. It also happened that individual words were not translated at all.

If DeepL users in a translated text notice a wrongly translated word, they can click on it and receive other suggestions from which they can choose the best. Thus, a mis-translated word can be conveniently exchanged. A similar option does not offer either Google or Microsoft.
Other languages ​​are coming soon
DeepL will also be able to translate Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese in the coming months. By the end of the year, all 230 language combinations will be possible, which are currently supported by. The company itself states that its own service in the Bleu Score has performed particularly well, with which the translation performance of such services is measured.
For the start of DeepL there is initially only the website www.deepl.com/translator, the service can be used for the time being only in the browser. Apps for Android and iOS are in work, as the company announced Golem.de on request. Three months of development are scheduled, so that DeepL apps could appear in December 2017. If you want to use the service on the smartphone, you must call it in the browser.


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