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De Maizière wants to cut asylum figures in Germany

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

Thomas de Maizière finds the achievements for refugees in Germany "quite high" in the EU comparison. The Minister of the Interior pleads to settle these across Europe. Martin Schulz agrees – and shares.

In the "Rheinische Post" the CDU politician spoke out for a uniform asylum procedure. "The asylum procedures and benefits for asylum seekers must be essentially the same in all EU countries," said de Maizière. He acknowledged that the cost of living in Germany was higher than in Romania. "However, in the context of an approximation, it would be possible to agree on appropriate purchasing power surcharges for individual countries," the minister said.

The Christian Democrat also calls for uniform legal protection. "With us, rejected asylum seekers can postpone their deportation through various legal actions, much more than elsewhere," said de Maiziere.

Schulz: "Was always for this"
In an election campaign in Wiesbaden, the SPD chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, also called for uniform asylum procedures and services for refugees in all EU countries. To this end, he had always been: "If Mr de Maizière has now woken up with a four-year frenzy, then that is better than farther ahead."

According to Schulz's view, de Maizier's claim had only one background: panic in front of the right scene. "The belief that you can keep these people at bay with the parroting of their slogans is an error, you only make them strong," Schulz explained.


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