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Davies about quarreling with Rea: "Are certainly no friends"

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 10:12

Chaz Davies was extremely angry after the superpole in Assen

© Ducati

(cafetheology.org) – Until the end of the race in Assen, the Superbike World Championship was very harmonious. Too harmonious when you ask critics of the series who want the times when charismatics like Carl Fogarty, Colin Edwards or Max Biaggi stamped their series. But in Assen this phase seemed to be coming to an end. What had happened to the Dutch TT? Jonathan Rea was in the Superpole's World Cup rival Chaz Davies in the way, causing a heated discussion in the Parc Ferme (to the article). Davies later accused Rea in a message on his Facebook fan page (to the article). The Kawasaki pilot, who was immediately declared an archenemy, responded to the accusations in his column (to the article). Meanwhile Davies and Rea greet each other again. There are also occasional words exchanged when the two opponents meet in the paddock. Has the dust of Asen laid? "We are certainly no friends," Davies emphasizes, when we address him to the duel with Rea. "The implied hostilities have motivated other riders already. "I'm thinking about Fogarty or Valentino (Rossi)," notes the Ducati factory pilot, "but I do not care," Davies says, "I'm always motivated "Davies," Davies said, "I'm not sure if it's true," Davies said A good motivation when someone bids me fight. "


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