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Daniil Kwjat: I do not care about Pierre Gasl 's fate

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 7:42 pm

Daniil Kwjat is confident to drive Toro Rosso in 2018 as well

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(cafetheology.org) – Daniil Kwjat has the right to hope for another year at Toro Rosso, despite quite poor results in this Formula One season. "We are getting closer," says the Russian in the run-up to the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps. "As soon as there is something to say, you will find out, I am satisfied with what I know about it, but satisfied", Kwjat is quite unaware of his future. Carlos Sainz is likely to remain with Toro Rosso Red Bull junior Pierre Gasly in the race for a Formula One cockpit once again go empty. Already this season the GP2 champion from 2016 had looked into the tube, and although he is doing good work in the Japanese Super-Formula during the current season and as a test and simulator for Red Bull, the ascent to Formula 1 appears again Not to fold. That is Kwjat however cordially no preference. "I have my own problems and I do not care about others," he responds rather bally to the question of whether Gasly is sorry for him. Completely opposite and distinctly more emphatically his team colleague Sainz reacts to the same question. "Of course, I feel with Pierre, I've known him for a while and have nothing against him as team-mates," the Spaniard intercedes for his colleague. "But that's more of a question for Helmut", Sainz points out the responsibility of Red Bull Motorsportberater Helmut Marko. And the currently tends apparently more to Kwjat, although the season so far only four counters to the 39 World Championship points of Toro Rosso. But the self-awareness of the Russians did not hurt that. "The relevant people in the team know exactly about all the details and do not just look at the paper", he is convinced of his skills. "In 2015 I had a fantastic season and won the most points for Red Bull," Kwjat makes advertising on his own behalf. "I try it here, but it does not work for different reasons." Nevertheless, he is convinced that he can build on the support of Red Bull. After all, his degradation to Toro Rosso after the Russia Grand Prix 2016 was no longer an issue. "Red Bull has been familiar with me since my youth, and there has been a bad moment for us in 2016, but the world has continued to do so," says Kwjat. "We should close the chapter."


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