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Curious proposal: Hembery wants up to eight races in a row

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Sports

August 23, 2017 – 11:08 AM
Clever idea or complete overload for all involved? Pirellis Paul Hembery proposes a complete reform of the Formula 1 calendar for the future

Formula 1 every weekend: Curse or blessing for the Knigsklasse?

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(cafetheology.org) – 2018, Formula One will face a real mammoth season. There are 21 races in the calendar for the coming year – there has never been more. Fernando Alonso even announced his intention to end his career in the event that the calendar should become even bigger in the coming years. Pirellis Paul Hembery is now proposing a complete reform of the calendar, should the number of the individual Grands Prix actually increase further in the future. "If we increase the number of races, we should regionalize them, so a block in Europe, one in America , One in Asia, "says Hembery, speaking with" auto motor und sport ", explaining," This reduces the rice stress and brings the Formula 1 of the respective region closer, because then a season in the season over a few months "For example, eight races on consecutive weekends, and then another one-month break to breathe." But would that be in the interest of drivers, fans and co-workers? Niki Lauda recently warned of "raffling the audience" through too many races. Eight races in eight weeks would surely exacerbate this effect.

A total of 14 new routes have visited Formula 1 since the 2000 season – but many of them have already disappeared from the calendar …
since 2000

24.09.2000: Grand Prix of the USA in Indianapolis. The first premier race of Formula 1 after the turn of the century is actually none. The Grand Prix of the USA had already set up several racetracks, and between 1950 and 1960, the Indianapolis 500 ranked Formula One. In 2000, however, the pilots started on the 4.129-kilometer circuit connecting the famous oval with a street circuit.

But Hembery replies: "Our studies have shown that many people are struggling to pursue Formula One throughout the year, when the start is their time in the afternoon and then again at midnight. The question I ask most about motor sport fans Hre, is that: Is there a race at the weekend? " However, the question must also be asked whether the mechanics could hold this position at all. It is also questionable whether Formula 1 owner Liberty Media would have any interest in such a non-stop model. The 2018 calendar has already received criticism from some sides because there will be five races in six weeks in June and July. The Formula 1 then moves it successively to France, Austria, Great Britain, Germany and Hungary. This is followed by the summer break – all of which are also bitterly necessary …



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