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Crowdfunding: Ex-CIA agent wants to buy Twitter and delete Trump account

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

The former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy Twitter short news service to block the account of US President Donald Trump. "We do not need to wait until 2020 to silence him," Plame wrote on Wednesday on her Twitter account. "There is a real danger that Trumps Tweets will actually trigger an atomic war. Let's delete your account before that happens," says Let's #BuyTwitter and #BanTrump on the crowdfunding campaign page. From the necessary sum of one billion US dollar until Thursday afternoon only a few tens of thousands of dollars had been given.

Trump is already using its largest platform to escalate the crisis with North Korea, it says. This could easily trigger a military conflict, which would be carried out with nuclear weapons.
Bush's government had undermined Plame
With the campaign Plame wants to buy a share of Twitter, which is sufficient to control the company. According to her, this figure is currently one billion dollars. If the money is not sufficient for a majority of the shares, opportunities are being considered to buy at least a significant share to bring the proposal to the annual shareholders' meeting. If all this is not possible or money left over from the campaign, it will be donated to the organization Global Zero, which is committed against an atomic war.
Valerie Plame had been uncovered in the summer of 2003 by indiscretions of the White House as an agent. It led to a revenge of the then government under President George W. Bush. Her husband, Joseph Wilson, was US ambassador to Iraq and a clear opponent of the Iraq war under President Bush. Valerie Plames' name was screened in 2003 by government workers, shortly after her husband had publicly criticized the Iraq campaign. In 2005 she left the secret service.


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