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Crisis Managers Trump Speaks Flutopfer Courage

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News

Tropical Storm "Harvey" continues to submerge the South of the USA – a relaxation is not in sight. In addition to Texas, the inhabitants of the neighboring state of Louisiana are now preparing for the worst. US President Donald Trump took a look at the situation on Tuesday and distinguished himself as a crisis manager.

According to the National Weather Service, it continues to rain in the south of the United States. In the particularly hard hit city Houston ran a dam. Another broke in Brazoria County. The state of Louisiana also prepared for floods. There is a state of emergency in both states.

US President Trump visited the Texas city of Corpus Christi and thanked rescue workers and representatives of local authorities for their efforts to fight the floods. However, it is still too early to congratulate each other. "We'll do it only when it's over," the President said.

Trump had appeared in the past days as a determined crisis management, was constantly informed about the situation in the flood areas, encouraged the people of Texas. It seems as if he would at all costs avoid allowing himself a similar mistake as George W. Bush, who had traveled to the catastrophe area in the catastrophe area in August 2005 after the catastrophic "Katrina", which was a serious defeat In Corpus Christi on the arrival of the US President. (Source: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

Trump: "Texas is clear with everything"
Trump spoke of a "historic" extent of the disaster during his visit to Texas. No one has ever seen anything comparable. "It's historical, it's epic, but I tell you: It happened in Texas – and Texas is clear with everything," said the President, accompanied by his wife Melania.

 The first lady's outfit provided a powerful twist on the net: the Trump-Wife from Washington broke into the flood zone in a green bomber jacket and high stilettos. "Help is on the road, Texas, do not worry, Melania has her special storm stilettos," the screenwriter Brad Wollack scoffed at Twitter. On the flight to Texas the First Lady, however, changed the high heels against snow-white sneakers.Melania Trump with bomber jacket, pilots and stilettos before the departure in the direction of Texas. (Source: dpa / Jacquelyn Martin / AP)

Authorities warn: "See you get away!"
The situation in Texas was unclear on Tuesday, the exact number of deaths was unclear. Officially, three were killed. US media reported higher numbers. The transmitter KHOU reported at least nine deaths.

After the demolition in Brazoria County, the authorities asked the local residents to leave the area immediately. "Watch that you get away," wrote the Kreisverwaltung in the Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter.

The torrential rains led to a record value. In the city of Pearland in the southeast of Houston, rainfall amounts of 125 centimeters have been measured since Friday, as reported by the National Weather Service. This marks a record in a tropical storm in the USA: In 1978 the storm "Amelia" 124 centimeters had been measured. Water as far as the eye can see: A flooded street in Houston. (Source: David J. Phillip / AP / dpa)

Houston: 17,000 people in emergency accommodations
In Houston, the mayor announced the opening of further emergency services for those seeking protection. According to the Red Cross, some 17,000 people were seeking shelter in emergency accommodations in Texas in the night of Tuesday.

The infrastructure in and around Houston has largely collapsed. Rescue forces fought with boats through the brown water masses, in order to liberate the arresting people from their houses and bring them to safety. According to the authorities of Tuesday, rescue workers in the city in the past days brought 3,500 people in safety. Flutopfer Maria Lopez plays with her son Rafael Lopez in an emergency shelter in Houston. (Source: Nick Oxford / Reuters)

Louisiana is still the worst
Also in the neighboring state Louisiana will be feared in the coming days violent effects. In New Orleans schools and authorities were closed on Tuesday. Mayor Mitch Landrieu recommended the residents not to leave their house. He advised them to stock food, drink and medication for at least three days. Over the week, about 25 inches of rain should fall in the region. Governor John Bel Edwards said Louisiana was the worst of all probability.

According to meteorologists, "Harvey" is the second-strongest cyclone, since "Katrina" twelve years ago the area around New Orleans suffered heavily. The storm soaked over the very warm Gulf of Mexico at the end of the summer very much moisture, which he now returns as rain.


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