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Criminal punishments on the test: Pest or cholera

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

The discussion revolves around how an exceedance of the allowed number of components should be punished. Hart, says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, although his Renault-fired squad also regularly starts from far back. "It has to be a clear deterrent," the Briton points out, "because it is about cost reduction." "Unfortunately, we will not save money, because the engines still go on a world trip and are deployed," says Horner against the background of the ongoing criminal offenses. Without power, no Formula One car can drive. Anyone who is affected by drive damage is no alternative to biting into the acid apple. In the end, it is expensive, even though sporty is also nothing.

Christian Horner warns against punitive punishments because he wants to save money

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At Red Bull, we are warning of a further reduction in the contingent as planned for the 2018 season: "Maybe five drive trains are the right number – rather than going from four to three," says Horner. And stay with the starting place? Renault driver Jolyon Palmer would not taste it: "I think it's quite ridiculous, we knew before the start of the weekend that we would be behind, but the longer it went, the further it went forward." Monza was Force India driver Sergio Perez. The Mexican finished the qualifying as 11th, changed the transmission, got five places back and went tenth – because his competitors got even more violent sanctions. "Even for us it is hard to understand," Horner dismisses. "It's much too confusing, it's better to punish a team or a manufacturer than to mess around in the starting lineup." Conversely, points deduction in the Constructors' World Cup or money launches is the better way to go. Not at all, say the supporters of the current regulations. They exist. It is the privateers who are keen to spend as little money as possible.


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