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Creation – Wikifolio of the week: «Werthaltig mit Discounter» | News

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Economy

In the Wikifolio "Werthaltig mit Discounter" Allan Valsky prefers to buy discount certificates on shares of companies, which convince him on the basis of their fundamentals and certificates on the DAX and EuroStoxx 50.
Valsky deliberately aims at a medium-term return. The success of his Wikifolio is reflected in the awards it currently holds: thanks to the average positive monthly performance and the low maximum loss of less than five percent, its Wikifolio has the "Continuous Growth" award. It also bears the distinction of "loyal investors" and "frequently bought".
The Wikifolio has seen a gain of 26 percent since the beginning of February 2016. The maximum loss is -4.54 percent. So far, investors have invested around 188,000 euros in the associated Wikifolio certificate.
Performance since December 2015
+ 26.4%
Greatest loss (so far)
Total invested capital
€ 187'533.18

This is how Wikifolio works

cash.ch is a partner of Wikifolio. All Wikifolios can be directly via cash.ch/wikifolio on cash.ch to the lump sum tariff.
Each investment in securities and other forms of investment is subject to various risks. The risk factors in the respective Final Terms, the Basics Prospectus and supplements and the simplified sales prospectuses of Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft are published on www.wikifolio.com, www.ls-tc.de and www.ls-d.ch. The performance of the Wikifolios as well as the respective Wikifolio certificates refers to a past value development. The future development of value can not be inferred from this. Last update: 11.09.2017


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