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Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Economy

Wikifolio traders Bastian Dombret is concentrating on its medium- Risks – Germany »completely on the German stock market.
Dombret is deliberately limited to shares in the DAX, SDAX, TECDAX and MDAX for its Wikifolio. These values ​​are taken into account, with the prospect of a positive price development confronting limited risks.
His long-term investment in Wirecard – with 33 per cent weighed in the Wikifolio – has paid off for him so far. Since the purchase, the value of the payment service provider has risen almost fivefold. His loyalty to Dürr, a machine and plant engineer from Stuttgart, weighed 10 percent in Wikifolio. The price of the share has risen threefold since purchase.
Since June 2012 the Eikifolio has achieved an increase of 122 percent with a maximum loss of -19.44 percent. In the accompanying Wikifolio index certificate, investors have invested around 126,000 euros.
Performance since June 1021
+ 121.97%
Greatest loss (so far)
Total invested capital
€ 126'047.55

This is how Wikifolio works

cash.ch is a partner of Wikifolio. All Wikifolios can be directly via cash.ch/Wikifolio on cash.ch to the lump sum tariff.
Each investment in securities and other forms of investment is subject to various risks. The risk factors in the respective Final Terms, the Basics Prospectus and supplements and the simplified sales prospectuses of Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft are published on www.Wikifolio.com, www.ls-tc.de and www.ls-d.ch. The performance of the Wikifolios as well as the respective Wikifolio certificates refers to a past value development. The future development of value can not be inferred from this. Stand: 22.08.2017


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