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Create – Wikifolio of the Week: «Darvas Trading» News

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 | Economy

"Darvas Trading" by Traderin Maria Brack is among the best Wikifolios in the Top Wikifolio rankings.
Maria Brack's trading idea is based on a share strategy developed by the Hungarian dancer Nicholas Darvas. It is looking for shares of companies that produce revolutionary products whose share prices are heading for new year's highs and whose shares show an increasing trading volume. In the last three months alone, it has gained 20%. The decisive factor for this positive development was their timely entry into the "Bitcoin Group", before their course exploded and tripled.
Brack comments on your trades on a regular basis and explains the current market environment, which is why her Wikifolio has received the "Good Communicator" award.
Since its creation in January 2013, the Wikifolio has achieved a plus of 112 percent with a maximum loss of 23 percent. So far, investors have invested around 300,000 euros in the associated Wikifolio certificate.
Performance since June 2015
+ 111.9%
Greatest loss (so far)
Total invested capital
€ 298'835

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