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Facing six-game suspension, what's next for Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott? Suspended Cowboys star has three days to appeal and has legal options beyond that, too.

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The Cowboys and Texans have had conversations about the possibility of moving next weeks' game to A&T Stadium if Hurricane Harvey impacts NRG and Houston area. The ...

Ezekiel Elliott likely to play in Dallas Cowboys' next preseason game Saturday. Last year's rushing champ hasn't played in preseason yet as he faces ...

Postponements are rolling in for this weekend, and next week's games already are being threatened.

The Cowboys face the Oakland Raiders in the preseason next, Saturday night at AT&T Stadium. The team is then scheduled to wrap up its preseason...

What jersey will family of brothers Rod, Jaylon Smith wear to next Cowboys game?

DeMarcus Ware might be retired, but the pass rusher admitted he'd listen to the Dallas Cowboys if they called and asked him to come out of retirement.

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Due to flexible scheduling, the kickoff time of games in the latter part of the season are subject to change. Details.

Cowboys Next Game News

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