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Convertible: Lenovo Makes Miix and Yoga Faster and More Accurate

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

Lenovo has presented a new detachable and two new 360-degree convertibles at the electronics show Ifa 2017 in Berlin: the Miix 510, the yoga 720 and the yoga 920. All in all, support for Windows Hello is a biometric authentication, as well as the 510 and the 920 a voice control for Cortana, which also works in a few meters distance. Lenovo uses several microphones with remote field detection.

The Miix 510 is a 12.2 inch detachable with detachable keyboard. It measures 300 x 205 x 15.9 mm and weighs 1.26 kg. The IPS display with touch and optional pencil input resolves with 1080p. Connections are USB type A and type C, jack, an LTE modem with SIM slot and an SD card reader. Inside are 4 to 16 GB DDR4 as well as NVMe SSDs from 128 GB to 1 TBytes and CPUs up to the i7 Quadcore of the 8th Gen (Kaby Lake Refresh).

    Yoga 720 (Photo: Lenovo)
In the Yoga 720, Lenovo uses only two-processor processors of the 7th Gen, add up to 12 GB DDR4 and up to half a terabyte of flash memory with Sata interface. The yoga 720 measures 293 x 203 x 15.8 mm at 1.15 kg. The Convertible has a 12.5 inch IPS touch screen with 1080p resolution. It has USB 3.0 Type A and USB 3.0 Type C – the latter port supports displays.
As a third model, Lenovo publishes the Yoga 920. It is the largest of the two convertibles with 323 x 224 x 13.95 mm and 1.37 kg. It is offered with a 13.9 inch touch-screen with 1080p or 4K-UHD. Added to this are quadcores of the 8th Gen, up to 16 GB DDR4 and NVMe SSDs up to 1 TByte capacity. The two USB Type C jacks support Thunderbolt 3 for screens, data, and loading. There is also a classic USB 3.0 type A port.

The Mixx 510 will be available from November 2017 for 900 euros and the Yoga 720 from October for 900 euros. The Yoga 920 is to be purchased from September for 1.600 euros, the Star Wars Special Editions – Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance – are priced more than $ 1,800 from December.


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