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Congstar: Prepaid tariff gets more data volume

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

Prepaid fares from Congstar are changing. As of September 8, 2017, new and existing customers will receive more unrestricted data volume at the same price. The adjustment applies to the options of the prepaid tariff "How I want". Customers can freely choose their own tariff.

Compile the tariff flexibly
In the basic tariff, each started telephone minute and SMS costs 9 cents, but the customer can book phone units, SMS quotas or unrestricted data volume. The pricing and services for the telephone and SMS packages remain unchanged. Congstar uses Deutsche Telekom's mobile network.
This also applies to the smallest mobile data file rate with an unrestricted data volume of 100 MB, which still costs 2 euros for 30 days. The next-largest package for 4 euros for a 30-day period will include 400 MByte; so far it is 300 MByte. The maximum bookable unrestricted data volume at the same price was significantly increased. For a further 8 Euro there is for 30 days an un throttled data volume of 1 GB, so far it is 500 GB.
Double the data volume
The maximum possible speed is also increased. Up to now, Congstar customers received a maximum of 7.2 Mbps, and in the future they will be up to 21 MBit / s. Furthermore, the LTE usage is not included in the tariffs. In all data rate options, the data volume can be doubled for a payment of 5 euros for 30 days. This also increases the maximum possible speed.
For example, if you book 1 GB, you get an unrestricted data rate of 2 GB for a total of 13 Euro for 30 days at a maximum speed of 42 MBit / s. This post-book option has existed so far, but so far a maximum of 1 GB data volume with a maximum of 14.4 MBit / s is possible.

New music option
Congstar customers are given the opportunity to directly book the music streaming service Tidal in the premium version discounted. Congstar customers pay 8.99 euros a month instead of regular 9.99 euros. Congstar customers can use Tidal for six months free of charge for the market launch. From mid-September 2017, Tidal can also be booked directly from customers using a SIM card from Ja-Mobil or Penny-Mobil – including the free time of use. The music option can be canceled monthly.
A special feature of Congstar's prepaid rate is the free-of-charge messaging option: customers receive a data volume of 1 GB a month at no extra cost. This is comparatively slow, however, with a speed of 32 kbit / s in upload and download. If the data volume of 1 GB is used up, the speed goes back to 2 KBit / s.
In August 2017 Vodafone had emulated the Congstar model with Callya Flex, but differs in some details from the Congstar offer.


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