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Company Shuttle: Apple builds autonomous car – but not for everyone

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Gadgets

According to a report from the New York Times, Apple is pursuing the plan to develop autonomous cars, which are to be used as an employee shuttle between the old and the new campus in Cupertino. They would have to drive on public roads. The buildings are only a few kilometers apart.

As early as the middle of June 2017, Tim Cook had publicly confirmed for the first time that the manufacturer is working on software for cars that are able to make their own way through traffic. Software for autonomous cars is a challenge for artificial intelligence. Apple is currently focused on autonomous systems, Cook said. "But we do not necessarily say that we will make a product."
This seems to be confirmed now.
According to the New York Times report, Apple does not want to develop such vehicles for sale but to use employee shuttles commuting between the old and new headquarters. There is no official confirmation from Apple.
Employee taxis between both Apple locations should drive autonomously
The shuttle project is supposedly called "PAIL". The acronym is intended to mean "Palo Alto to Infinite Loop" and describes the endpoints of the planned route. The vehicle should be a van from another manufacturer.
Apple's interest in autonomous vehicles is seen as an open secret in Silicon Valley. There were rumors that Apple wanted to build or build their own car. More recently, regulatory applications have shown that Apple is testing autonomous cars. The company received an approval in April 2017 to test such vehicles on public roads in California and has already implemented some converted Lexus SUVs.

Apple initially hired more than 1,800 engineers to work on its project for an autonomous car, Project Titan. Then the focus was changed. In October 2016 it was announced that Apple has reduced the company and wants to focus on the software side.
According to Apple, the automotive industry is ready for three disruptive technologies: self-propulsion technology, electrification and ride sharing. In the latter, Apple has already invested. In May 2016, the company pledged $ 1 billion to the Chinese car rental service Didi Chuxing.


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