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Column: Who slept the worst night last night

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 07:33

A touch of disappointment swung with Danilo Petrucci


(cafetheology.org) – Dear Readers, The rain has given us three varied and entertaining races at the Misano Grand Prix. For the teams, however, it was an expensive affair. In all three classes on Sunday were counted 80 strikes. At the end of the race, it was 140! There were so many slip-ups this year on no other route. On the other hand, the number of spectators was pleasing. 158,000 fans were present on all three days. Despite the absence of Superstar Valentino Rossi and rains on Sunday came only 4,000 less than in the previous year. In our Montagskolumne we want to look back at the race weekend and choose a driver who has slept badly in the sense of the word. With so many strands, there are many candidates. This is certainly Aprilia's racing director Romano Albesiano. Sam Lowes was on the good tenth place until the crash and Aleix Espargaro was ninth before his crash. The second round in a row ensures that KTM is only five points behind the manufacturer's mark in the manufacturer's rating! In the team ranking, the Austrians are already in line with the Italians. Other candidates are Andrea Iannone or Cal Crutchlow. That Iannone uses a too tight rain suit and therefore armpump gets, is not exactly for the best preparation. But we have already criticized enough this year. Crutchlow was well in the dry, but a crash stuck any chance of a result in the top 5. Overall, the Brit is not quite on the brighter level of the second season 2016. Too often he gives his chances easily. Our choice falls today to Danilo Petrucci. Do not misunderstand, he's driven a super race. You can only congratulate the Pramac pilots! But whoever has seen his face after the race has seen a mixture of joy and disappointment. If you miss your first Grand Prix victory, you think about it in the night. Could one have done something else? That's why Petrucci will not have had the best dreams.

Twenty laps the man from Terni led his home race sovereignly

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He said, "I do not regret anything, I'm a bit sad because I could have won my first race, but Marc was still struggling to win." And exactly this perfectly prepared maneuver from Marquez and his flawless final round (fastest race!) Will have made Petrucci a bad night. This cold-bloodedness makes Marquez so successful. Nevertheless, the second place in the home race is strong. To this end, we must congratulate Petrucci, of course. In the remaining races it will be exciting whether Petrucci will find another victory. He is to be trusted. In addition, he could play a decisive role in the World Cup. On Thursday he announced he would support Andrea Dovizioso. On Sunday, however, he did not leave the gas and did not let his countryman pass. "I have to be honest, I've been thinking about it, but I do not think it would have a good look for the championship when I give the position in the last round." Chapeau for this sportiness! Jorge Lorenzo throws away the victory early. And so we are with the second rider, who broke over himself after the race: Jorge Lorenzo. Until his fall in the seventh round he had almost five seconds ahead. Lorenzo drove up to a second faster in the initial phase than his pursuers. "This is his style," commented Dovizioso, "to be very fast in the first few laps. The crash happened in curve 6, a place with lots of water. The grip should have been the lowest there.

Jorge Lorenzo was almost five seconds ahead of the crash

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The face of Lorenzo then in the box spoke also Bnde. He knows he could win this race. When he wanted to change the engine mating, the three Misano winner lost the concentration for a moment. "The Ducati system is more complex than Yamaha, but it is not natural, I have not fully adjusted to it, and I think about it all, so I lost concentration, not that I could not drive." if critics accuse Lorenzo of not being able to do it in the rain, one must keep in mind that his first rounds were really strong. How the race would have developed for him without a fall is hard to say. Nevertheless, it is clear that Lorenzo is making progress as a whole. Much is not lacking in the dry even to the top. If he continues this trend and he can still make progress with the winter tests, Lorenzo can be a title candidate next year


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