Cole Sprouse Riverdale Asexual

Riverdale star Cole Sprouse talks about his crush on Jennifer Aniston while filming *Friends* and why he would like Jughead to be Asexual.

It’s oddly perfect that Cole Sprouse is one of the leads on Riverdale. The prime-time CW drama is based on the gleefully shallow teens of Archie Comics, which ...

So cute: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were secretly holding hands during a 'Riverdale' interview, which all but confirms they're dating.

Cole Sprouse Has a ~Secret~ Past With His "Riverdale" Co-Star Camila Mendes. Let's play six degrees of separation.

Cole Sprouse Really Wants "Riverdale" Fans to Stop Asking Him This One Question. Why are people obsessed with this question?!

Jughead is one of the most iconic comic characters of all time, but he's got plenty of secrets hidden away that Riverdale hasn't yet explored.

Here's a full breakdown of all the plot details for Season 2 of Riverdale.

From Fred Andrews's possible end to Archie and Veronica, see 11 things we hope Riverdale will address in season 2.

Archie Andrews is making his TV debut on the CW's "Riverdale," but those who've grown up with the iconic character from the comics will barely recognize him.

Archie may be a Kiwi hunk, but Betty and Jughead are heart of Netflix's Riverdale

Cole Sprouse Riverdale Asexual News

Cole Sprouse Discusses Jughead's Sexuality on Riverdale

Should We Ship Riverdale’s Jughead with Betty—or Anyone ...

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