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Coffee with Jos Verstappen: Toto Wolff plays down meeting

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 08:43

Toto Wolff is playing a meeting with Jos Verstappen in Monza

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(cafetheology.org) – On Friday, a meeting between Toto Wolff and Jos Verstappen caused new rumors about a possible collaboration between the Mercedes team and Max Verstappen. Since Stappen's particularly difficult to digest failure in Spa-Francorchamps, the whim of the Dutchman has so darkened that industry connoisseurs can imagine that he can at least once possible exit possibilities from the Red Bull contract for 2018 be examined by attorneys. But in truth was the meeting between Wolff and Verstappen sen. obviously much more harmless: "Firstly, I know the Jos a lot of driving," explains the Mercedes-Sportchef in an interview with 'Sky'. "We have a friend who is called Frank, who was there, visiting us, Niki and I were sitting in the office, the two Dutch friends went in, and then we drank a coffee with them, no more, no less Reporter Tanja Bauer asked if this meant finally that there was no interest in staves, Wolff answers: "For next year, clearly no interest in Max Verstappen, he is not available." This had already clarified Niki Lauda. But what about 2019? "Afterwards," admits Wolff, "it is one of the names that one must definitely have on the radar.Max is one of the great future Formula 1 stars.Many others, like Valtteri, like Daniel Max or Esteban Ocon you have to count there. "For the time being, however, Mercedes has priority to bring the contract with Valtteri Bottas under cover. Niki Lauda has already confirmed before the camera that this was done long ago, but one is still a suitable time for the pronouncement. This is, of course, in contradiction to the official communication line of the Mercedes team on this topic. And this is like this: "It's all about details," says Wolff. "It's a clear thing to keep up with Valtteri, because he did a really good job this year, he also had downs, which he had to understand, but you could not expect more from him in the first year."


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