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Coffee Lake: Intel's 6C processors require new boards

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Gadgets

Intel today introduced the first chips of the eighth core generation for mini PCs and for ultrabooks (Kaby Lake Refresh) and, in parallel, have already released renderings of the coffee lake desktop packaging. It says that the processors require a mainboard with a 300-series chipset, which means that the CPUs are not compatible with previous Socket LGA-1151 boards with 200-PCH.

    Packaging a Core i5 of the eighth generation (Picture: Intel)

The Platform Controller Hub, together with the mainboard bios, is crucial for processor support, as long as the chip fits into the socket. Intel continues to use a socket LGA 115x for Coffeelake, but a slightly modified version that has electrical or mechanical changes. The new Coffeelake are Intel's first mainstream CPUs with six instead of four cores and are in principle an interesting upgrade option.
What makes Intel a socket LGA 1151 v2 and new chipsets for Coffee Lake presupposes so far is not clear. Technical subtleties or simply product policy are conceivable because the motherboard partners have the option to develop fresh boards through new platform controller hubs. A similar step already existed at the socket LGA 2011, but here the integrated voltage regulator (FIVR) of the CPUs were the background.

More cores and more bar
For the Coffee Lake, Intel uses the new 14 ++ manufacturing process and integrates six instead of four cores and clocks the chips higher than the previous Kaby Lake like the Core i7-7700K. It runs at 4.2 GHz base clock and a turbo of 4.4 (4C) to 4.5 GHz (1C). The new Core i7-8700K has frequencies of 3.7 GHz (base) over 4.3 GHz (6C) and 4.3 GHz (4C) to 4.7 GHz (1C).
The Coffee Lake has a power loss of 95 watts and is positioned against AMD's Ryzen 7. We expect a market launch in October 2017.


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