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Clever: How Kawasaki the WSBK rules trick

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

05. September 2017 – 12:02

Kawasaki is using Showa's spring elements at the WSBK

© Kawasaki

(cafetheology.org) – In recent years the WSBK machines of prototypes with superbike silhouette developed more and more towards stock sport. Thus the motortuning was always forbidden and for certain components budget ceilings were defined. This should reduce the gap between the financially strong workstations and the small privates. But the regulations also offer loophole, which some manufacturers use skilfully. We consult Ducati superbike project manager Ernesto Marinelli on this topic. "The components now have price caps for the suspension fork, the strut, the brakes, etc. Since then, we use other forks, a MotoGP fork costs twice as much as a standard fork," compares the Italian and explains the weakness "Manufacturers who equip many teams are forced to issue standard parts through the regulations. Manufacturers who equip a team with spring elements can do more or less what they want, because no one cares about the bottom line "says Marinelli in conversation with 'cafetheology.org' and plays the situation between market leader Öhlins and challenger Showa.Kawasaki thanks to Showa components in the advantage

No Öhlins parts: Kawasaki is on Showa in the series and in the WSBK

© Kawasaki

Main competitor Kawasaki uses Showa spring elements and is always supplied with the latest updates by the Japanese. According to Marinelli, the fork in the World Cup Kawasaki is much more exotic than the Öhlins specimen in the factory Panigale. But since the majority of the Öhlins teams use, can not be tricked at the prices. "Such regulations always have advantages and disadvantages," notes Marinelli sober. In the past there were no such financial ceilings. In the WSBK, the spring elements were used, which were also used in the MotoGP machines. "The cost was much higher, engine tuning was completely free, the basic engine concept was maintained, and the rest was free," says Marinalli, who has been working for Ducati on the world's circuit since the 1990s. "At the moment, most of the parts have to be the same, the costs for the engines have been much lower, the rules have not changed very much in the chassis, and the rules are not much different than in 2000 Marinelli, who can easily understand the reasons for the cost savings. Understanding for price caps

Ducati is no longer allowed to use the MotoGP suspension forks from Öhlins

© Ducati

"At the moment, we are suffering from the economic situation, with only half as many motorcycles sold as in 2008. This is bitter, but one has to deal with this fact," emphasizes the Ducati manager. "There are fewer sporting machines sold at the moment than in the past, but it is not so good that the economy is not so good, so there are fewer sponsors, which means that the teams have problems Kawasaki is very strong, but they are concentrating all efforts on this championship. "" Aprilia was very strong when they drove exclusively in the Superbike World Championship, then they switched to the MotoGP and have not been so competitive since then, it's not easy, "says Marinelli. "Sure, it was easier for us to make things easier when the economic situation was easier, but we can not influence it, but we are always trying to build better motorcycles that have more power, look nicer and have more driving fun Which, in the ideal case, means that the company is doing well. "


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