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Clearly on Friday: What is going on at Ferrari?

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 17:12

Sebastian Vettel has certainly experienced better Fridays

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(cafetheology.org) – What do Nico Hlkenberg, Stoffel Vandoorne, Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez have in common? All of them are in midfield in Formula One, and probably no one expected them to finish the second practice session in Singapore before Ferrari. Of the supposed favorites from Maranello was not much to see today. The squares nine and eleven for Kimi Rikknen and Sebastian Vettel in the afternoon are definitely a disappointment. The alarm bells were not yet in the reds. Even though Rikknen, as a fast-paced Ferrari driver, has a two-second lag (+1.983) on the fastest days, there is still no concern for Vettel, especially since Vettel has indicated that not everything is lost in Singapore. "I do not have any worries, but we do not really have the speed. It's in the car, we just have to rauskriegen," waves the German, who with his time from the first session landed on day rank seven.Ferrari is not yet where they want to be. "We have to work a little bit on the car today, but it is not ideal yet," says Vettel. "I think the balance is not quite right yet, and we're trying to get the grip out with the tires, which is there." At the beginning of the round, it seems to be going quite well, but in the middle and towards the end we are doing it a bit heavier. "Impact without major consequences This is also Vettel's only really fast attempt. With fresh Ultrasoft tires, he was even on the fastest time in the first sector and was a tenth of a second quicker than the Red Bull, but when Marcus Ericsson intervened and he drove into the band shortly afterwards, the time hunt was finished. "It was also not ideal that I did not finish the round and lost the car," he says. Fortunately, he did not suffer much damage during his impact, so the four-time world champion could at least share the Longruns. But also with those Ferrari was clearly behind the competition to settle. On his soft tires – with which Vettel also drove his fastest time – the Heppenheimer was on average a second slower than World Championship rival Lewis Hamilton.Grund to the concern is still not for him nevertheless: "We have tried a few things has not worked one or the other not so well, "he lounged and says that the lack of trust in the car had also taken some time. "I am confident that tomorrow will be a big step, and I am sure tomorrow will be tight," he emphasizes.Rikknen: "Not many things have made sense" It is absolutely impossible to conclude that Ferrari will take his favorite role on Friday could not fail. In fact, the Scuderia was the biggest contestant for the victory, especially since they had no real opponents in Monaco. "We're not here in Monaco," he says. "These are two different courses," he explains, but is surprised about the Friday. "Not many things have made sense." also the "Iceman" does not make any big thoughts and emphasizes that today is only Friday and that did not occur for the first time. "We are not where we expected it, but we are working forward," says the Finn. And even with competitor Red Bull, one does not trust peace: "We have not seen the true Pace of Vettel yet," warns Red Bulls Motorsportberater Helmut Marko before to write off Ferrari.


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