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Clean: Hard teaminternes duel for little

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 to 20:43

Hard racing among team-mates: Wehrlein and Ericsson donated nothing

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(cafetheology.org) – The most difficult race of the season has been accomplished. A sentence, which half the field after the Grosser Preis of Italy 2017 should give. Marburg Ericsson and Pascal Wehrlein were only able to start with the Ferrari last year's engine. The Mercedes junior driver saw the target flag with two rounds back on Rennsieger Lewis Hamilton as 16th and last. Ericsson finished his clean C36 four laps before the end, but was rated as 18. "If it is not enough to keep up with the opponents, you will fight each other," thought the two Sauber pilots well: In an attack Wehrleins in round 18 it was in the variant Rettifilo quite tight and it even flew parts. Both riders did not think about this tough fight. (Result of the Grand Prize of Monza 2017) Wehrlein comments on RTL: "Of course you can not be satisfied if you fight for the last position with the team-mate, so we have to get better." Ericsson says that his car had been damaged at the beginning of the race, which subsequently impaired the driving behavior, but he leaves open whether he means this scene or something else Teamchef Frederic Vasseur speaks to both drivers despite the critical scene "Pascal and Marcus have both shown a good performance with regard to our current situation." Both drivers need not make a reproach on the results, they know themselves. "I gave my best today," says Wehrlein "We knew it would not be a simple race. "I hope that we will be more competitive there." At least the PS disadvantage is not there any more so serious.Ericsson, in the face of the failure and the damage of his car, is not very surprising about "not an optimal race." The reason for the failure is officially that the data showed too strong damages Singapore a new gear box.


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