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Claire Williams: We Can not Afford Another Year

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

September 5, 2017 – 16:17
Claire Williams puts her rod in the window: How to get up again after the 2018 crash and what is still possible in 2017?

Skeptical look: Claire Williams calls for progress from her team

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(cafetheology.org) – In Monza, Williams has caught on with the squad seven and eight by Lance Stroll and Felipe, but this can not be the cause of the current crisis: the four races before the group from Grove just "We can not afford another year yet." Williams is still on the fifth place in the Constructors' World Championship with 55 points But the hot breath of Renault & Co. is getting more and more uncomfortable. Especially the French are much faster, since you have found a half second in Silverstone with a new undercarriage. And the traditional team has only about half of the points of force India in the account – so you are even the worst Mercedes team. But what is the weakness of the Williams troop back? "Many of our little ones have dived in the middle of last year," explains the daughter of Frank Williams. Under the direction of the technical team leader Paddy Lowe, who was joined to the team in March, who was responsible for the technical team at the Mercedes world championships, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation was carried out. In doing so, not only the process in the factory, but also the work of the racing team were thoroughly tested.

The Formula 1 race in Monza: the drama of staging, the triumph of Mercedes and Alonso's radio show

The first driver to win two races consecutively in 2017: Lewis Hamilton also wins at Monza in Spa and takes the championship lead with three points ahead of Sebastian Vettel. He takes the 69th pole of his career. Now he is the sole record holder. Before Michael Schumacher.

"Now we're looking at how we're using our resources for 2018 to eliminate these weaknesses," Claire Williams says. "We have full confidence in Paddy, but we've also got other leaders working alongside him." A key figure will be the new aerodynamics chief, Dirk de Beer, whose transfer to Grove Williams advisor Alex Wurz had his finger in the game. The Dutchman has been working alongside James Allison at Ferrari in the past few years, but it is a matter of time for Williams to secure the fifth place and bring important millions from the pot of the TV money into the team. "I do not think we'll close the gap to Bob," she grins in the direction of Robert Fernley, who is acting as deputy team mate at Force India. "There are a lot of teams behind us, who would like us to pass." But Williams could not afford to lose the fifth place, "says the British. This is why we do not think about the driver pairing for 2018, but we did everything we could to bring the season well over the stage.


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