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Claire Williams: For some, my sex is a problem

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Sports

12. September 2017 – 17:06

Claire Williams is deputy team manager at Williams

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(cafetheology.org) – As deputy Williams team boss Claire Williams represents her father Frank, who can no longer travel to the races, on all tracks. After the departure from Monisha Kaltenborn as Sauber Teamchef, the mother is currently the only woman in the lead of a Formula 1 racing team. Women in leadership positions are not a rarity in the 21st century. But in the royal class of motorsport, which until now was considered a pure men's domain, the female gender is still in the majority, especially in the team leadership and technical departments. "It is still a very men-dominated world and it is very much "Claire Williams," Claire Williams, "is the name of Claire Williams," I am the only one I've ever seen. " Girls: When I went to a Catholic boarding school … "says Williams, for whom it does not matter whether a team member is male or female. "For me, sex is not important, but only whether someone is good at his job or not," she adds. But the daughter of the former Formula One driver Frank Williams is certain that some men have a problem with that she is a woman and has a responsible position. "My position is quite unique, in Formula 1 and in other sports, there are still people who do not have the look like me, but who say: Women should not be in Formula 1. But they do not interest me at all ", she says confidently, adding," Everywhere in the industry or in business, it should be about what skills you have, and not about which gender you have.Claire Williams will be mother for the first time in October, and the gender of her Babies have already betrayed her. "Of course it had to be a boy. After all, I am surrounded by men all along, "she laughs, recalling her own childhood:" My father was not there often when we were young. He has never come to sports events or parental rights because he has traveled around the world. My mother was more or less both parents for us. "Some people would condemn her father was traveling a lot and had little time for his children, but even if they could change it," I would not have any other way "said Deputy Williams Teamchef," We had so many benefits and I have grown up in this world. And what I am doing now is a result of that. So I do not really feel bad about what my parents did. "


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