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Chrome Web Store: Chrome warns against manipulative extensions

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

Google's engineers have incorporated several features in the current Canary version of the browser that protect users from malicious extensions that send users' Internet traffic, for example, via a proxy, or change other settings such as the home page or search engine Suchtoolbars always do.

Bleeping Computers has initially reported on the changes in the current Canary versions (v62.x). If a proxy is detected, the browser displays a clearly visible warning. This means that "This extension has taken over your proxy settings, which means that it can change or destroy everything you do online, and you can track all activities, if you are not sure why this change has occurred You probably do not have it. "
A similar warning Google has already introduced in Android, also there users are warned well before proxies, but only if these for analysis purposes a own certificate for MITM attacks bring along.
Even before a changed homepage is warned
Google also wants to prevent extensions from unintentionally overwriting the start page settings of the users. If the start page is modified by an extension, users are informed about this and they are asked if they want to reverse these settings.
Browsers have become much more communicative in recent years and point to numerous security risks. Non-HTTPS-encrypted web pages are marked more and more clearly, even before password entries in unencrypted forms are warned.


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