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Chrome Enterprise: New Abomodell to Establish Google's Chrome OS in Companies

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

Especially for business customers, Google introduced the Chrome Enterprise service. For an annual price of US $ 50, it expands the cloud-based operating system Chrome OS with several features that make the use of Chromebooks in IT environments of companies more meaningful. This includes functions such as manually manageable operating system updates in the style of WSUS or an integrated printer management.

It is important for IT administrators to integrate devices into an existing Active Directory environment with other clients. Chrome Enterprise is to make this possible for Chrome OS hardware. In addition, there is also 24/7 Google support for the annual $ 50. Also included is the ability to store network information for managed networks on the Chrome OS devices.
Convert Chromebooks for Work
Chrome Enterprise could be a new version of Chromebooks for Work. The difference is that in the previous version, a one-off price of $ 150 could be paid to access the management console. However, administrators with the new license for Chrome Enterprise can also set up and manage their own App Stores for their company.

    Chrome Enterprise provides many important business functions. (Graphic: Google)

The service is almost an obligation for companies who want to distribute Chromebooks and Chromeboxes to their employees. Chrome OS in itself is more for students and other end users who use only Google services. In companies that is usually not enough or it is simply because of security concerns simply not possible. Chrome Enterprise could bring the cheap Chromebooks but in other areas than the classroom.


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