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China would remain neutral in first strike of North Korea

Friday, August 11th, 2017 | World News

China would probably be neutral in the event of a first strike of its allies North Korea against the USA. An attempt to overthrow the US and South Korea in North Korea, however, would prevent China.

This is reported by the Chinese newspaper "Global Times". The paper does not represent government policy, but the widespread state media has great influence. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs again called for moderation and caution in the ever-stricter verbal exchange between North Korea and the USA.

A man looks at a screen in a railway station in Seoul, where a newsreader is showing pictures of North Korean President Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump. (Source: dpa) US President Donald Trump had refused on Thursday and said his threats were not hard enough. North Korea should get torn up, otherwise it would have problems as few countries had experienced. Kim Jong Un had expressed contempt for the United States. "He can not do it with me," said Trump. The North Korean crisis also hit the stock markets on Friday.

"China should make it clear that North Korea should start as the first rocket to threaten the US soil, and the US is to retaliate for it," a leading article in the Global Times said. "If the US and South Korea attack themselves and try to overthrow the North Korean leadership and change the political framework on the Korean Peninsula, then China will stop them."

"A war would be a disaster"
Trump in New Jersey covered the question of journalists whether he was considering a preventive strike against North Korea. "We'll see what happens." Defense Minister James Mattis stressed shortly afterwards that the USA continues to advance the diplomatic path. A war would be a disaster. The US, however, is ready to react to North Korea's hostilities.

 FOX NEWS ALERT: North Korea responds to U.S. With guam attack plan as secretary Mattis warns Kim Jung "he is grossly overmatched" pic.twitter.com/xAGLAIXpjn- FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) August 10, 2017
On Tuesday Trump had threatened North Korea "with fire and anger", as the world has not yet seen. The Americans and their allies were certain, Trump emphasized the threat of North Korea, the US Pacific island of Guam. North Korea should be "very, very nervous," if it were only to attack the US and its allies.

  US maneuvers with Japan and South Korea
Australia assured the US military support should its territory be attacked. The US and Japan began on Thursday an 18-day military maneuver on the North Japanese island Hokkaido, which also includes rocket exercises. A joint maneuver of South Korea and the USA is planned for the 21st August, with the participation of 30,000 US soldiers alone.

The leadership in Pyongyang had designated Trumps fire-and-wrath-utterance as "a bunch of nonsense". A sound dialogue with the US president was not possible. This is not accessible to any reason. Only "absolute violence" would work with him, according to a report from the official news agency KCNA. In addition, the leadership in Pyongyang concurred. By mid-August, the deployment plan was scheduled to fire four medium-range missiles across Japan to Guam. The missiles should therefore be 30 to 40 kilometers before Guam in the sea.

Around 163,000 people live in Guam. The US has an air force base there, a naval base with submarines, a unit of the coast guard, and some 6,000 military personnel. The seventh US fleet currently has six Aegis-class ships in the region equipped for missile defense. Japan has another four such ships. Guam also installed the missile defense system Thaad, which the US recently also built in South Korea. South Korea, which is still in war with North Korea since the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, wants to acquire more effective missiles and an atomic submarine. Experts fear that there will be an armament spiral in the entire North-East Asian region.

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