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Chicks: Netflix brings out its own cannabis series

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

The video streaming service Netflix is ​​looking for a new business segment to offer customers the best possible experience: cannabis. The company's commitment is, however, limited both in terms of time and location, as cannabis plants adapted to the self-produced series can only be purchased at a trade fair in the state of California where consumption and sales are legal under certain circumstances.

At the Herbal Health Services trade fair in Los Angeles, there are different cannabis varieties under the name "The Netflix Connection", each of which should be related to the content. Netflix writes: "Each strain has been cultivated with the respective series in the back head to complement the pitch of the respective show." For example, comedy shows will have a stronger Indica share, while dramas are heavier on Sativa. Anyone who wants to get into the details of the cannabis composition can find out here.

The variety Poussey Riot was designed especially for the series Orange is the new Black, the name plays on one of the main characters. Prickly Muffin, on the other hand, plays on the BoJack Horseman series. The variety Banana Stand Kush should be suitable for a "big yellow joint".
However, the new products will not be a normal product line despite all the innovations: the cannabis varieties are only offered in California at the fair. Netflix, which invests seven billion US dollars in its own shows, also does not intend to make a profit.

If you are looking for appropriate substances in the Darknet, you should note that the anonymity tips are not always good. And that the platform with the questionable tips is now no longer on the net.
Whether cannabis is a health hazard or not, has been controversially discredited for a long time. Unlike other drugs, cannabis is not toxic even in larger doses, but can lead to disturbances in the development of the personality, particularly in the case of hereditary neoplasms. Adults may be given cannabis for pain treatment in Germany under certain medically indicated conditions.


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