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Chaz Davies souvern: Ducati-Festspiele in the Niederlausitz

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 09:58

Chaz Davies are missing only 35 points on Kawasaki driver Tom Sykes

© Ducati

(cafetheology.org) – Chaz Davies' previous season, but after the end of the summer break the Briton seems to be the man to beat for the coming races. As in the previous year, Davies returned with a victory after the summer break. "It was a great race, I enjoyed every minute," Davies comments on the win in the second round. Due to the changed starting sequence, the Ducati driver had to start from place nine in the Sunday race. "Compared to Saturday it was different, because I had to fight out of the third row, I had a good start and after the first laps I was within reach of the top." "When I saw that Rea starts a maneuver I wanted I was surprised by their pace, they drove high 1: 36s, but they did not know what to do, Times, "Davies wonders, who had not quite as easy as on Saturday, to fight to the top. In the end, the competition was powerless. Davies did not stop the reins at the end of the race either. "We've been improving since the test, showing how much effort everyone is investing in. I'm confident that Portimao is going to have a double success and prepare for another fight," said the World Cup third By third place by Marco Melandri. Compared to the first run, Melandri achieved a significant increase. The Italian has always been on the road to world champion Jonathan Rea, but deliberately waived his risk and took third place. "After the problems on Saturday, I did not think we could make it on the podium, but we did Great work with the team, changed the weight distribution and the balance of the machine, making the Panigale much easier to drive, I felt well, "Melandri says.

A different weight distribution helped Marco Melandri in the second run

© Ducati

"Unfortunately, the bike was still uncomfortable in some places, I lost time in accelerating, I tried to brake deeper into the corners to make amends, but I made a few minor mistakes and decided not to endanger the podium "" I remembered what happened in Misano in the first race. "" It was a positive weekend, we continue to learn a lot of things about the bike I'm confident about the next races, "says Melandri, who is fourth in the world championship in Portugal.Ducati superbike project manager Ernesto Marinelli wikte was very relieved after the double success in Germany and beamed on departure:" It was A tremendous weekend, Chaz made a very important double success, the pace was very high, which shows how much confidence he has developed for the machine, and we are also very happy as Marco en Twisted. He just missed a little confidence, or he would have fought for victory. "


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