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"Charlie Hebdo" titel page causes indignation

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | World News

The cover of the German-language edition of the French Satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo on the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, which will be released in Germany on 24.08.2017. (Source: Charlie Hebdo / dpa)
        The French satire newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" provides with its new edition for criticism and violent discussions. On the title side, Islam is indirectly equated with terrorism.

  On the drawing are two people in blood pools, while in the background a van is driving. In addition: "Islam, religion of peace … of eternal peace!" A number of users of social networks reacted indignantly and accused the newspaper, among other things, of making moods against Muslims. The newspaper is known for its biting religious criticism and provocative cartoons, with which it always hits.

A Twitter user wrote that she does not see the meaning of the title page, "to further incite hatred and Islamophobia." A Facebook commentary accused the paper of playing the game of the extreme right. The former Socialist Minister Stéphane Le Foll criticized the BFMTV station: "To say that Islam as a whole is a" religion of peace "- that is, subliminally a" religion of death "- is extremely dangerous." Other users defended the paper and referred to the freedom of speech.

The complete title page of the controversial new edition of "Charlie Hebdo". (Source: dpa)

Too little discussion about Islam?
In the editorial of the edition, which was published on Wednesday, editorial director Riss criticizes the fact that the debates "about the role of religion and, in particular, of Islam" had completely disappeared in attacks. "Today, no one is asking questions about the role of Islam in the ideology of the so-called Islamic state." The controversial drawing will also appear on the cover of the German edition of "Charlie Hebdo", which will be released this Thursday.

 The editorial staff of "Charlie Hebdo" had been attacked in January 2015 by Islamic terrorists who murdered twelve journalists and policemen.


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