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Cash guru in the video – Alfred Herbert: «I also had more shares» News

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Economy

Almost daily, one hears and reads the concerns of veteran stock marketers who warn of an overvaluation and an imminent correction of the stock markets. This is understandable in the case of a rise in stock prices, which has now lasted for eight years. The rise of the US leading index Dow Jones since spring 2009 about 220 per cent.
Also cash guru Alfred Herbert has become skeptical with regard to the stock exchanges. "I'm more cautious than before, and sometimes it's a little uncomfortable for me, and if you're uncomfortable on the stock exchange, you have to get rid of shares," Herbert says in the cash stock exchange talk. He does not predict a major correction until the end of the year, but "as a daily trader" he has already brought a few sherds into the dry, as he betrays. "I already had more shares."
Despite all the clashes, the courses were moving northwards, especially in the USA. The Dow Jones gained 4 percent in the last three months, while the European Euro Stoxx 50 index lost 4.5 percent. So the US stock exchanges continue to rise, although the ongoing smoldering North Korean crisis has now and then prompted investors, and although the US market has already made it clear that US President Donald Trump will not be able to comply with his numerous promises of economic choice.
Herbert leads the continued US bullish back on the investment deadline. "Investors in the US have money to screw up, and that is just put in reserve." He would, however, "not blindly buy stocks in the US, but increasingly Europe and above all Japan."
SMI course is nervous
The exchange rate situation in Switzerland, where the Swiss Market Index (SMI) has grown by 9 percent this year, is judging Herbert with a positive attitude. The movements of the SMI in the last four months – constantly around the mark of 9000 points – is also on his nerves.
The half-year results of the Swiss companies left Herbert a good impression. It is a good thing to see how the companies can keep the dividends, he says. "This is a good benchmark for the future."
However, the results of some companies also led to disappointments among investors. Thus the share of the sanitary producer and investor favorite Geberit lost about 6 percent last week on the day of the publication of the first semester numbers. It was worse this week, the milk processor Emmi, whose share on one day lost 10 percent. Both titles had risen sharply for months and years before.
For Herbert, such investor responses are not surprising: "The higher the stock exchange, the higher the expectation pressure on the companies." Shareholders advises Herbert to take profits with well-run titles and to repel them. "You must also show character on the stock exchange."
In the cash stock exchange talk, Alfred Herbert outlines in detail Geberit, Roche and Swisscom.


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