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Card games: Hearthstone's competitors have good cards

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

As far as MMOs are concerned, new games have been talking over many years that the title of the game is finally the great World of Warcraft killer. But the popularity of the Blizzard standard could never approach anyone. So far it seems to be similar to Hearthstone. The Collectible Card Game is currently the undisputed market leader with more than 70 million users, and has just launched it in the online market – although there have been card games with Magic The Gathering and similar for almost 25 years. If you want to compete with Hearthstone, you must offer a different approach to the genre or additional features.

The foundation stone for the current hype was placed in the years 2012 and 2013. In June 2013, Scrolls went online, developed by the Minecraft studio Mojang. Founder and now an indie-millionaire Markus Persson was even decisively involved in the development of the game. But Scrolls was ahead of its time and failed – not least in technical quarrels and a strange legal dispute with Bethesda (trademark owner of The Elder Scrolls). In 2014, the path was then paved, and the success of Hearthstone has since called for some competitors. Two of the currently most attractive alternatives are the map and board game hybrid Faeria, which is recently released in version 1.0, and the currently still open beta Gwent, which plays in the popular The Witcher universe.

Hearthstone: lucrative and without age weakness
At the beginning of August, Knights of the Frozen Throne, the sixth Hearthstone extension, has been released, bringing the total number of cards to a total of over 1,300, and – like every expansion – a fresh wind in partly committed games. Hearthstone has made popular the principle of free-to-play games away from smartphones and tablets. The advantages are obvious: Because no one has to pay for the game directly, many users register and a large community quickly emerges. However, as inexpensive and attractive as free-to-play at first glance, it is unrealistic to practice it in practice. Because you get the bulk of the cards only in paid card packs – the packs – and the cards are divided into four rarity levels (Ordinary, Rare, Epic, Legendary), many pull their credit card to invest at least lower amounts.

In addition, a small percentage of players spend more than € 100 each time. They buy so long packs until you have all the important (current) cards together or they can mix up with the so-called magic dust you get when you disengage two cards. If you are stubborn, want to save or make an example, you have to be patient and patient. With daily quests, you can stun the in-game gold with which you can buy packs – but that takes a long time. And without the coveted epic and legendary cards, you can often not keep up with the high level of the game and lose more games than you love – even if you are a good player. Again and again Blizzard Entertainment resp. The Hearthstone team has to be allowed to be accused of rip off.
Random Number Generator
Another hotly debated point is random effects in the game, which play a role in different processes. For example, an acquired card package can spit five valuable (or much more likely) five (under) average cards. Also, which cards are first drawn from your own deck during a game is subject to chance, as are many effects that certain cards have. Random Number Generator, RNG, is the keyword when it comes to weighing luck against skills.
Hearthstone is, without a doubt, only a small percentage of a gamble, but one can repulse a long, unlucky blow. Sometimes it is difficult to see where the skill has its limits and when the chance sets in. Faeria and Gwent, on the other hand, are back on the subject of RNG: Fortuna is also affected here, which maps are drawn from packs (Battle Chests in Faeria, Kegs in Gwent), but the game makers are largely behind in the random effects of the cards.
Although chance plays a major role at Hearthstone and both very simple and complicated decks can lead to success, players with a lot of experience and a good feel for the so-called meta-game of average players. Knowing which decks are just popular and finding the right counter at the right moment is a skill that is not easy to learn.


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