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Car company – Flixbus on the way to the profit zone News

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Economy

"Yes, we will do that," said Flixbus boss and founder André Schwämmlein of the "World on Sunday". "We were already in the black in Germany last year and will reach this target for the whole company this year."
This year, Flixbus will be transporting 40 million passengers as planned. In the spring of next year the company would then have transported a total of 100 million people – a sponging point for sponges a possible prospect for the annual transports. "I would not rule out that we would reach that number every year."
As a result, the company's customers will now be faced with staggered costs for seat reservations, depending on the location of the seats. "Of course the places in the front double-decker bus will cost more than a place in the middle of the aisle," Schwämmlein said. In the discussion are currently also pure business buses with additional tables, however, it will not be there next year.
Flixbus is also fast in Switzerland. In the summer months significantly more passengers from Switzerland with the German Fernbussen drove into the holidays. The most popular destination was Berlin. This was announced by Flixbus in August.


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