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Cal Crutchlow is annoyed by missed poles

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 20:43

Cal Crutchlow narrowly missed the track record in Silverstone

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(cafetheology.org) – In the qualifying of Silverstone it had first looked for a pole between Marc Marquez (Honda) and Cal Crutchlow (LCR-Honda). In the end, however, the Briton not only beat the world champions, but also had to pass on Yamaha star Valentino Rossi. For Crutchlow, the team finished second with a time of 2: 00.106 minutes. There were 0.156 seconds missing on the best time (all results here). And according to the LCR-Honda-Pilot, it was easy. "I felt I could do it, but I made mistakes in the third sector and lost a lot of time," says Crutchlow, self-critically. In curve 13 he had gone too hard to work and did not hit the following curve optimally. Three-tenths of a second had cost him that – and thus the pole position. "It was really a matter of whether I became the first, the second, or the third, but I wanted to stay under two minutes," says Crutchlow, who was clear yesterday that the pole had a 1: 59s would be necessary. "When I was awake this morning, I took it hard, but Marc is the only one to do it, but it's good to be in the front row, and last year I had the pole position in the rain "Crutchlow fights his way through." The local hero had the slight hope that his competition would falter and joked: "When I saw Marc fly through the air yesterday and heard that Valentino (Rossi) has stomach problems, I hoped it is worse than it was today, but that did not happen. " Instead, Crutchlow experienced a sleepless night, which is why he did not get the best start to the day. "I felt much better yesterday than today," says Crutchlow, looking for explanations: "I did not have a grip today, I think the rain washed him off the track, and Marc is usually slightly better than the other Honda- Driver if there is little grip. " However, Crutchlow found his old Pace in the afternoon. He, like Markenkollege Marquez, also recorded a little more movement in the Honda than usual. "That makes it difficult, of course," the 31-year-old knows. "But I feel good and the bike does not feel so much different than on other tracks, but we're a bit more used to the fact that our bike is a little more restless. The tempo in Silverstone is "phenomenal" despite the problems. For the race, he sees Polesetter Marquez as a favorite, but also stresses the strength of the Werksyamahas. "Maverick (Vinales, fourth, note) may have a slightly better pace than Valentino, but we know Valentino will be back on the day," says Crutchlow. "I'm looking forward to a good race tomorrow, with Dieselben drivers who were fast last year, and this time it's going to be a good fight."


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