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Bushido meets Afghan politician Beatrix von Storch: "They exploit displeasure"

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

There was a meeting of opposites: Bushido, German rapper of Tunisian descent, and Beatrix von Storch, a frontwoman of the right-wing populist AfD, Exchange arranged. As different as their biographies are, their views on the themes of Islam and integration were also contrary.

At the same time, there seemed to be a connection between the rapper and the politician. More often, Bushido had expressed sympathy for the AfD. Right at the beginning of the meeting organized by the hip-hop magazine "Backspin" and the Youbube channel "HyperboleTV" for the series "Road Selection", Bushido praises the posters of the AfD: "These are the only ones I really enjoy Head stay. "

But then he wants to know more precisely what the party with its slogan "New German, we make ourselves" exactly means. Does he as a father of five children with Tunisian vote out of the grid? Is his son Djibrail also a new German, of whom the AfD speaks?

"Yeah, well," answers Storch. Their party wanted to be regulated migration. Unregulated migration, on the other hand, creates problems, including internal security. "In the end this leads to an undifferentiated rejection of people who may not look as if they came from here, which leads to xenophobia," says the AfD politician. An astounding finding, von Storch himself has repeatedly expressed differentiated on the subject of integration and Islam.

Bushido: "They do not offer a solution"
Bushido confronts Storch with statements from an interview with the right weekday "Junge Freiheit", in which the politician labeled Islam as a synonym for the Stone Age and said that German culture must be defended against Islam. Would the AfD want to fight him as a Muslim, would Bushido know?

 Von Storch insists on the well-known AfD position that Islam is largely incompatible with the democratic basic order in Germany. "Islam is, in its vastest interpretations, a political Islam, it has a political dominion and not only regulates the life of faith."

Bushido says: "They do not offer a solution to this question," he says clearly. "They have a sense of a certain displeasure that has spread in the people and exploit that." The AfD plays with fears, prejudices and stereotypes and so try to get the cross of the people in the election. "I personally find that very dangerous."

  Von Storch: "Integration is something that must be done"
The positions on the subject of integration are also incompatible. Von Storch: "Integration is not something we have to do, but something that must be done." Bushido: "But who are we, who are we?" The social differences mean that there is no "We." Do you mean to say that the millionaire in the Grunewald has something in common with the Hartz IV receiver in Berlin-Lichtenberg? " Von Storch: "They have the same story, they have the same language, they have the same culture." Bushido: "Where do they have the same story?"

Whether Bushido regrets his statements per AfD meanwhile? He does not want to go, the rapper concludes. The parties were no better than the other – "the AfD anyway not at all."


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