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Bungie: Start of Destiny 2 is not quite smooth

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Already a few hours before the actual start at midnight on September 6, 2017, players have been able to make the first shots in Destiny 2: the developer studio Bungie had previously switched the servers in Europe as originally planned. The big rush of fans of the series then apparently took place however only on the actual publication day, ran however lightly.

Although many players had to wait three to four minutes before they could get started – but in comparison with similar online-based titles, the new Bungie production is quite good. Who then was first in the game, had no or hardly any other problems with waiting or loading times.
Nevertheless, in social networks and forums, many players report on technical problems. So it comes on the Playstation 4 Pro abruptly abruptly crashes back to the surface of the console – even Golem.de was repeatedly affected. Bungie has blamed the mistakes on Twitter and wants to investigate them. On the official website of the developer are still other errors listed, which seem to occur but not too often.
Waiting for clans
A delay indicates Bungie's support for clans. On Twitter, Bungie had reported that players can only get together "a few days after the start". In the game itself, a reference to the 12th September 2017 was connected to the corresponding menu item. Now there is also just: "Clans not available". When the function is ready, is currently not clear.

In any case, there should be only limited support for clans. However, the groups are only really interesting when multiplayer modes are available for higher-level characters – and that still lasts. The first raid will be accessible on September 13, 2017, which Bungie has already communicated so long. Other PvP modes, such as battles, are already available.
Destiny 2 is currently available for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The PC version will follow on 24 October 2017; it uses the Blizzard belonging to Battle.net.


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