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Bundesweit Razzien because of Scheinehen: Several arrests

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

The police in several Bundesländer with raids against Scheinehen proceeded. In Berlin alone, 41 apartments and other rooms were searched on Tuesday morning. Four hundred policemen were deployed there, as a spokesman for the federal police said.

This involves men from Nigeria who have been granted residence permits for the EU by appearing with women from Portugal. The federal police spoke of at least 70 known cases so far. But there could be more. Previously "Bild" and "B.Z." reported.

There was also a search in Potsdam, Frankfurt am Main and Görlitz (Saxony). In Berlin the police arrested four women between the ages of 46 and 64 and a 50-year-old man. They are supposed to be the heads of the smugglers' band, who had contacts with Portugal and therefore gave the women there. A number of counterfeiting had been committed for the bills.

Fake marriage records
The Nigerian men had paid up to 13,000 euros for the bills to the smugglers' band. The Portuguese would have received a part of the money. The women were recruited by the Schleusertruppe in Portugal, as the spokesman said. For several days, the Portuguese were then flown to Berlin. At the same time, according to the investigators, the gang got fake spouses from Nigeria. Then the Nigerian and the Portuguese went with the document to the Berlin Ausländerbehörde to get a residence certificate for the EU issued. The Portuguese then went back to their home country.

According to the federal police in Berlin and also in Frankfurt, searches were now being carried out in alleged housing for such mock married couples. Among other things, it was about how the premises look concretely – whether they are suitable for a couple at all.

 Kinship for residence permits
Time and again, foreigners' authorities and the police are coming across fraudulent marriages and other related models, with which men and women primarily want to come from Germany and the EU from Africa and Asia.

Finally, in June, it was a question of sham-shooters who recognized German men in pregnant asylum seekers from Vietnam, Africa and Eastern Europe. In this way, the women or mothers received Bleiberecht in Germany. The pregnant women partly paid several thousand euros to the men. The new-born children were then automatically granted German citizenship. The men, on the other hand, did not pay the women because they were often unemployed. The state then took over.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior estimated the number of cases nationwide to be of the order of magnitude in the middle four-digit range, ie about 5,000 cases per year.


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