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Bundeswehr soldiers threatened prosecution by the Sharia

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | World News

The German government wants to protect German soldiers from being persecuted by diplomatic impunity from persecution in Al-Asrak – but Jordan denies full immunity. However, the German soldiers lack protection from prosecution by Islamic courts and the Sharia.

As the "Spiegel" in its current issue reports, Germany wants to enforce that the approximately 250 soldiers of the Bundeswehr are protected by their full immunity from prosecution during their mission in the Arab country.

Jordan has not accepted this so far. "We are still negotiating the stationing agreement," said the Defense Ministry in Berlin on Saturday. A delay of the planned "Tornado" reconnaissance jets to the Jordanian base Al-Asrak for October was not to be expected.

In addition to civilian jurisdiction, there are Islamic courts in Jordan. However, the responsibilities of the Shari'ah courts are restricted to certain areas such as family law. A much more important role comes from Islamic law in Qatar. In the Gulf Council, the deployment center for the multinational operation "Counter Daesh" is against the terrorist Islamic state (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

Relocation of the base from Incirlik to Al-Asrak
The "Tornados" and a tanker, which is already starting from Jordan, are part of this operation. The Bundestag had decided in June to move the Bundeswehr from the Turkish base of Incirlik to Jordan. The reason for this was a Turkish ban on visiting the German soldiers in Incirlik.


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