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Bundestagswahl: Lindner attacks the AfD

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | World News

One week before the election the FDP agrees on an extraordinary federal part-time in Berlin on the key podium. With a 10-point plan, the liberals want to push "trend reversals" in politics. Parteichef Christian Lindner is particularly proud of the AfD, which he sees as the main competitor in the race for third place – but also against the Greens. There is no clear coalition statement from the FDP.

The mood in the conference center with 700 guests and over 100 media representatives is optimistic, concentrated, but not euphoric. Until 24 September, the Liberals have set themselves something else: they want to become the third-strongest force behind the Union and the SPD. According to the last Emnid survey, however, the FDP is 9 percent behind the AfD (11 percent), the left (10 percent), and the Green Party (8 percent).

The liberals are even attracting demonstrators
The FDP is again perceived after the disaster at the Bundestagswahl 2013, when it flew with 4.8 per cent from the Bundestag. Even a small group of demonstrators attracted the extraordinary congress. Nearly 50 people gathered in front of the meeting center and chanted "FDP: Do not make the trump" and "FDP – hurts the climate". Wolfgang Kubicki, deputy chairman of the deputy, told the opening ceremony in the direction of the protestors: "Nice that you are here, but there could have been a few more."

In the final election, the liberals set their sights on "ten trends for Germany". In addition to "the best education in the world", the FDP calls for a greater degree of commitment to digitalisation, a "fair balance between citizens and the state", an "enforceable state of law", a "liberal immigration policy" including an immigration law, "sensible energy policy" and a "flexible energy policy" civil state. " In addition, the liberals generally want a "modern society", a commitment to Europe and that Germany assumes more "responsibility in the world".

Lindner attacks the AfD
However, the "trend reversals" slipped into the background at times because Lindner repeatedly attacked the AfD, which is still two percent ahead of the Liberals. The FDP boss – as always in the dark suit and without a tie – warned: "The really important question is: Who will be the third force, the Greens have no chance to intervene in this race, it is a race between the Free Democrats and the AfD to be that third force because it is not permissible for a new possible grand coalition to be answered by a party determined by national authoritarian judgments. "

 "The Greens have launched a regular campaign against the FDP, and the Greens will deal with us." We are now dealing with political issues here. " The complaint of the Greens that the FDP was a party of "dictator-minders", Lindner vehemently rejected. He remained, however, in his demand not only to punish Russia for the annexation of the Crimea, but to continue negotiations. His demand: "Iron consistency on the one side and constant dialogue on the other."

Lindner is for a transformation of the state, which must become more flexible: "People do not have to adapt to the state, but the state has to adapt to the needs of the people." In the area of ​​digitalization, the party chairman demands that Germany not only be striving to become world champion of football, but that Germany is to become the "world champion of digitalization".

Schools are "collection of electronic waste"
On the condition of the schools in Germany, Lindner explained with regard to overhead projectors, cassette recorders and tube telephones in the classrooms: "Our schools have become more of a collection for electronic waste than to laboratories of the future."

In the diesel scandal, Lindner is for a full compensation of the "deceived" buyers, but also made clear: "We do not participate in the rhetoric of destruction against the autobranche."

No coalition statement of liberals
There is no clear statement on coalitions from the Liberals. However, Lindner clarified that the FDP will insist on a new regulation on the issues of asylum, refugees and migration in possible coalition negotiations. Linder concluded his party speech confidently, saying, "We are independent in the Bundestag elections, with no coalition statement for anything, we do not want to be elected for tactical reasons, we exclude only one thing: to betray our principles . "


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