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Bundestagswahl 2017 Survey: Green wins popularity

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

Nearly half of the Germans would wish for a government participation of the Greens after the Bundestag elections on 24 September. This is the result of a recent survey by the opinion research institute Forsa for the "star".

Above all the under-30s and the educated higher educated are for it. Even every second Unions supporter would be happy if the Greens were involved in a coalition. However, according to the survey, the Greens are currently only 8 per cent and could only be governed by a so-called Jamaica alliance with CDU / CSU and FDP.

The SPD is only 23 percent at Forsa. This is a minus of one percentage point. The Greens, on the other hand, are growing by 8 per cent. The other parties remain with their values ​​from the previous week. The Union is 38 per cent, Left and Afd come to 9 per cent and the FDP reaches 8 per cent.

cafetheology.org compiles the most important surveys before the election on a page. Here you can see who is in the current trends where the Germans as a German chancellor would be directly elected and which coalitions would be computationally possible.

Who is in the polls?

In the "percentage vote distribution" – also called "Sunday question" – you will learn how the voters would vote if the next Sunday elections were. The most important institutes in Germany are represented by Allensbach, Emnid, Forsa, Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, GMS, Infratest dimap and INSA. Clicking on the red arrow next to the current survey opens a drop-down list where you can select other surveys. Here you can read more about how opinion researchers work.

 Who would the Germans choose directly as Chancellor?

In Germany, the Federal Chancellor and the Chancellor can not be elected directly, but the "direct election question" provides information on the popular popularity of a politician with the population. Again, you can switch between the results of the different surveys using the red arrow.

What coalitions are possible?

The "Coalition Calculator" tells you which government constellations are possible based on the current surveys. Use the red arrow to return to the calculations of the various opinion research institutes.


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