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Bundestagswahl 2017: No breather for Google and Facebook

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Gadgets

No matter how the Bundestag election is going to start, exactly one week later, on October 1, one of the most controversial laws of the past legislature comes into force. From this day onwards, large social networks such as Facebook and Twitter must comply with the requirements of the so-called Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG). This does not mean, however, that the parties in their programs would not deal extensively with the phenomenon of hate commentaries and fake news on the Internet. Although original fears have not yet come true in the election campaign.

Probably under the influence of the US presidential election campaign, which ended with the unexpected choice of Donald Trumps, the parties had expected similar propaganda campaigns with Wikileaks revelations, fake news pages and manipulating social bots. These experiences may have contributed to the fact that the Union and the SPD brought their so-called Facebook law before the summer break through the Bundestag, despite strong opposition from the IT industry and civil society organizations.
SPD has already fulfilled its program
Surprisingly, the election program of the SPD reads as if the law it has itself had not yet been adopted. It states that "the dissemination of illegal content such as incitement, insult, and denigration in the social networks should be pursued better and faster." "We also have to take responsibility for providers of social networks, which is why we introduce a reporting obligation for providers to deal with unlawful content, as well as uniform standards of complaint management … Who should not comply with the requirements be punished with delicate fines. "

Here, the rare case is that a party has already implemented its own election program before the election. Whether the law of judicial review is anything but certain. Greens, the left and the FDP in Hassan and Fake News also see a problem, but they do not want to leave the decision to delete such contributions to the private enterprise.
Smaller parties against private "judge role"
The Greens want to make sure that "people who express themselves in a hateful way or who threaten others with murder and rape fantasies are consistently brought to account". Suppliers like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter should not be pushed into a judicial role. According to the leftists, companies must also bring "Hatespeech or bullying as well as insults, defamation and incitement to the people, also by means of social bots, and delete them after judicial decision".
The FDP also calls for "the police and prosecutor's office to pursue prosecuted postings in social networks more consistently". These tasks should not be transferred to the operators. "They are not censorship authorities, the state's monopoly of violence must be everywhere." At the same time, the operators would have to fulfill their responsibilities and develop strategies for dealing with hate postings.


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